Power In Coating
High Performance Coatings of Graphene, Boron, Polymers, Chemical agents

Marigi Coating can be applied on every type of surface to improve its thermal conductibility up to 50%. Marigi innovative products will enable exchange and the transfer temperature wherever it is necessary.

High Temperature coating applications and Thermal management Graphene - Boron - Polymers - Chemical agents

Good Product reach maximum performance in each component

Marigi Coating was successfully applied on brake discs, radiators, exhaust system, electric motors and tested in aeronautic ultralight devices, racing motorbikes, racing cars, industrial and firearms giving excellent results. Marigi has a long time expert team in the field of special coatings and is able to project coatings for change thermal performances on many materials substrate.

High Performance Coating
Graphene - Boron - Polymers -Chemical agents

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